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Depilette Depilatory Cream


Rapid depilatory cream for face and body, effective in 5 minutes.

with jojoba oil and beeswax

aqua, cetearyl alcohol, calcium thioglycolate, peg-8 stearate, lanolin, ceteareth-25, paraffinum liquidum, urea, glyceryl stearate, simmondsia chinensis oil, cera alba, parfum, sodium hydroxide, disodium edta

Pack Tube
Content 150 ml – 5.07 fl.oz

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USE: Apply a sufficient quantity to clean and dry skin to cover the hair well with the help of the spatula contained in the package. Wait 5 minutes and then, with the spatula, try in a small area to remove cream and hair. If the hairs have fallen off, proceed with the whole area; if not, wait another 2 minutes. After removing the cream and hair with the spatula, rinse the product well with cold water.
WARNINGS: Do not use the product on sweaty, wounded, cracked skin and external mucous membranes (mouth and genitals). In case of itching during application, remove the product immediately by rinsing with cold water. After depilation, do not use soap, perfumes and alcoholic deodorants on the depilated area. Avoid contact with eyes. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse them immediately.
Contains salts of thioglycolic acid. Follow the instructions for use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
EXTERNAL USE – cosmetic product

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MINSAN 901716441