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Depilette Pre-waxed Hair Removal Strips


For face and body

Pre-waxed depilatory strips, based on beeswax and calendula oil, for quick, hygienic and painless hair removal; for smooth and perfectly shaved skin. Formulated without perfume and parabens, to minimize skin reactions. Ideal for traveling to remove root hair quickly and gently.

triethylene glycol rosinate, glyceril rosinate, cera alba (beeswax), calendula officinalis (calendula officinalis flower oil)

Pack bag of 12 strips

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USE: We recommend performing a scrub a few days before, not using it immediately after a bath or on wounds and varicose veins. Heat the strips still glued together in your hands or with a hair dryer. Divide the 2 strips by pulling on the ends. Fold back the strip not used immediately. Make the strip adhere perfectly in the direction of hair growth. Pull the strip with a quick and firm motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. Fold the strip back on itself and heat it again (this can be done several times, until it is saturated with hair).
To remove any residual wax, use a cotton ball dipped in body oil.
For use on the face or bikini area: 1) cut the strip into pieces of 1 or 2 cm and follow the same instructions indicated for the body.
After depilation, we recommend the application of soothing Aloe Gel.
EXTERNAL USE – cosmetic product

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