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Depilette Sugar Paste with Honey and Argan Oil


Depilatory sugar paste, with honey and argan oil. Inspired by ancient Arab recipes, it allows natural, effective and delicate hair removal. Removes hair at the root avoiding the formation of ingrown hair. Because of its delicacy it is suitable for hair removal of all parts of the face and body. DOES NOT IRRITATE

With honey and argan oil

saccharum officinarum extract (saccharum officinarum (sugar cane) extract), aqua (water), mel (honey), hydrolyzed corn starch, argania spinosa kernel oil, citric acid

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Content 500 g – 17.64 oz.

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USE: Heat the wax for a few minutes (in the special wax heater or in a bain-marie) until, with the help of the spatula, you are able to pick up the product and place it on your fingertips. We always recommend starting with a small amount. Spread the wax in the opposite direction by passing your fingers at least three times with light pressure and then remove it in the opposite direction. You can use the product several times. Any residue is easily removed with cold water and soap. After depilation, it is recommended to apply Aloe Vera gel as a soothing agent.

ATTENTION: the sugar paste at the time of application must be pasty and not liquid. If used liquid it can cause severe burns. It is advisable to carefully check the temperature before use to avoid burns. The slight patina that is created is caused by the cold, once heated it disappears. EXTERNAL USE – cosmetic product

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