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Who we are


1978: Victor Philippe, our founder, is an Alsatian who moved to Italy at a young age. At the end of the 70s, after several work experiences dictated by an enterprising and eclectic character, he realizes the enormous potential of Nature and creates our society


His love for Nature and the desire to live in contact with it, push him to use Palazzo Dugnani, a seventeenth-century residence in the Adda Natural Park, as the seat of the nascent business, whose TOWER is still the Company symbol today.

The study of propolis

The initial study is on the multiple potentials of PROPOLIS that he experiments on himself, thus developing a complete line of food supplements and functional cosmetics based on the precious product of the beehive, of which he senses the enormous therapeutic potential.

Gift line

In his business path Victor Philippe adds other important natural products and a GIFTY line made up of ceramic objects (herbal teas, essence diffusers, etc.), thus giving life to a tradition of Christmas objects, which is renewed from year to year.


The real turning point took place in the early 90s when the family discovered some plantations of ALOE VERA in the countries of South America and knew their innumerable properties, thus becoming one of the first importers of the precious ORGANIC juice.

Our philosophy

From then on, the company has always tried to strengthen its PHILOSOPHY of respect for man and nature by expanding its offer of certified and natural eco-bio products.

Our certifications

Since 2001 it has been offering certified products:

  • AIAB
  • ICEA
  • BIOS

Times change, but our commitment and our goals always remain the same: working with a smile, passion, respecting others and nature and offering quality products.

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